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Frequently Asked Questions

We stand behind our words

Nanny/Caregiver Services

Desi Domestic Services is a Referral Agency. We provide referrals of pre-screened jobseekers to families looking assistance in childcare/elderly care/cooking/domestic help/ new moms’ helper.

The CEO of Desi Domestic Service LLC interview all the prospects one-on-one and accepts the original legal documents in person to make their copies in her own office. Whereas in online services, candidates just scan & send their documents.

Yes, We do check the background of our prospective candidates seeking employment with families. We also provide References to the families even before they start their Employment with them so that clients can talk directly to their previous Employers.

Company completes all the paperwork and make sure to take the Original ID’s from Applicants, Check their background, take references and be the backup support for the Families for 365 calendar days of the year from the day the contract is signed between the Family and Jobseeker, and provide timely help to families in urgent and emergency situations.

Nanny/Caregiver takes care of the child/elderly, cooks one meal for the family and does light housekeeping.

Client is a direct employer to the jobseekers looking employment with the families. Desi Domestic Services is just a facilitator and at no time involved in the hiring process as an agent or contractor. Jobseekers are the domestic employees of the client and are directly paid by the Parents/Guardian who hires them.

It sounds our services are expensive, but just like other insurance businesses you are securing your family, one thing is noticeable that we do not compromise with the quality of our services. Your Loved Ones are your biggest asset, the safety and security of your child/ren, parent and house is our number one priority. We make sure to introduce you with only genuine candidates who meet all the legal requirements of our business policy including background check and references.

No, we work with the families till they find the right match. It all depends upon how many candidates are available in your area for your assignment. We do not start the process if we do not have candidates available in your area to work.

The Nanny can start the job as soon as The Hiring Released Form is signed by all 3 parties; Client, Nanny who has been finalized by the family & the CEO of Desi Domestic Services.

We arrange replacement for family by giving 2 weeks notice to the current Nanny.

Any assignment that lasts for less than three months is a short term assignment and the one which is more than three months is considered to be a long term assignment.

We find nannies/caregivers/domestic helpers through our network and employment inlets and Advertisement and As we are in the business for more than a decade.

Many of them are, in case if they are not, clients are advised to send prospective/shortlisted employees to obtain their Certification at their own expense.

Live-Out nannies/caregivers have structured schedule whereas Live-In Nannies/caregivers have long working hours. This is the reason that clients Provide room and board along with the salary.