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Desi Childcare Services

Desi Childcare Services

We customize our services depending upon the requirements of our clients.

We customize our services in accordance to clients’ requirements and budget, we do provide Live-In/Live-Out Nannies for Long Term and/or Short Term duration to assist families either for specific events and happenings or for those who are looking for ongoing help on daily basis, ranging from first time moms to experienced moms.

We can assist New Moms with Pre & Post Natal Care to Infant Care & Toddler Care. The first year of child’s rearing is very critical, newborns require special attention and one-on-one care till their immune system becomes strong whereas toddlers are increasingly more active and require expert attention from Nannies whilst they are learning new motor skills, basic social skills and moral values. The support doesn’t culminate here, as an extension, in many cases both parents are working and they require additional assistance in performing their mornings and afternoon chores with Before & After School Care.

Families may need Domestic Helpers/Housekeepers to clean the house, do laundry, load-unload dishwasher, cut vegetables, or transport children to and from school or do other miscellaneous household activities on daily basis. Our Helpers may extend additional helping hand during Pre & Post special occasions, family and friends get-together for e.g.: Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Marriage or some Religious gatherings etc.

Best childcare services in the USA to provide a healthy environment for kid's growth

As per the statistics presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 57.4% of all women were working in the country (2019). Currently, women are also the breadwinners, and 70% of them are mothers. In a family, children are the apple of the eye. But when both parents are working, then taking care of the children becomes tough. In such a situation, the parents often search for the Best Indian Childcare Services in the USA. But do you know how they can help you? Let's dig deeper to find the answer to this question

Supervision In The Early Phase Of Life

In the younger days, kids need the supervision of adults. You must have watched the movie named "Home alone," in which the kid encounters many difficulties when he is left alone. When you get professional help through childcare services, you will be assured that your kid is safe and has access to all the required resources

Enhances Mental Development

Children younger than six need special attention as their brain is at a "critical period". It is a period when the new neurons of the brain are formed. After this critical period, the grasping power declines. When people are working, only childcare services can help in nurturing the mental and intellectual aspects of the brain.

Create Fun & Stimulating Environment

When you are a parent, you need to keep an eye on your child, and wherever you go, you take your kid along with you. It may be a grocery shop, market, or bank. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the parent to keep their toddler entertained. This is why parents prefer to opt for Desi Childcare Services, which is entitled to the best childcare services in the USA. They have a team of professionals who plan fun activities for your child to educate and prepare them for kindergarten. As per the study published by NICHD, the children enrolled in childcare services show better & faster language and cognitive developments

So when it comes to your kid's care and development, hiring a professional through childcare services is a good option. In this way, you will be able to give a better environment to your child. You can contact Desi Childcare Services anytime for the same. Their team is trained in pre/post natal care to infant care & toddler care. Moreover, they can even assist in taking care of school-going kids and planning special events like birthdays and marriages.

“We are one stop shop for all your Domestic-Care requirements. You name it and we will be there with our Magic Wand to take care of your Family”.


How we work

  • We send Application Kit to Client.
  • Client completes all the paperwork required by the agency which also includes Family Agreement with the company.
  • Client meets all the Potential Candidates to make final selection.
  • Agency provides References of the selected candidate to the hiring family to talk to her prior employers and engagements.
  • Nanny signs contract with The Hiring Family.
  • Agency provides the copies of all the legal documents to the hiring family
  • Nanny is ready to start her employment with the hiring family after The Hiring Release Form is signed.


Qualification of our Candidates

The nannies registered with our company come from different Nationalities and Ethnicities. We are the major providers of DESI NANNIES, NEW MOMS’ HELPERS, DESI COOKS AND DESI CAREGIVERS FOR ELDERCARE to INDO-PAK COMMUNITY in Greater Houston Area and Nationwide.We have potential candidates from other nationalities & ethnicites as well. Our Nannies.

  • Have employment authorization, they are either Green card Holders or have Citizenship of United States.
  • Are pre-screened, personally interviewed, Background checked which includes criminal background record, driving record, sex offender report and proof of residence.
  • Reference checked, we provide references of their prior employment to clients to have firsthand information.
  • Some of them are CPR trained. If not, interested families send them to get trained with American Red Cross at their own expense.

What we do?

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Childcare Services

Childcare Services

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Eldercare Services

Eldercare Services

We love your loved ones like our own Parents and Grandparents as a solution provider.

In-Home Patientcare

In-Home Patientcare

We customize our services in accordance to clients’ requirements and budget.