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Early childhood care is more than just preparation for primary school. Its goal is to provide holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs to build a broad and solid foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.
It does not only have a significant role in the development of the child, but also provides valuable support to families with children. Hence, people must understand the impact of such services and they must ensure their quality and accessibility.

High-quality childcare can be characterized as:

•Having well-paid, low child-adult ratio, well qualified, efficient management, etc.
•Offering a program that includes all aspects of child development like physical, motor, language, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

High-quality childcare leads to a positive influence on the development of children as well as school readiness by providing them with valuable education and social experiences.

Some of the benefits of early childhood care:
•Development of good habits.
•Development of emotional resilience.
•Development of literacy and numeracy skills.
▪Development of Cognitive Skills
▪Development organizational skills and time management
▪Development of academic achievements

Nanny Vs Daycare:

Benefits of having a nanny
Hiring a nanny through a reliable agency or through your own resources gives relief to your mind if she is legal, reliable, capable, honest, loving and caring. The new mom can join her job after her maternity leave. A good nanny is a blessing for the family. According to some statistics having nanny in the house before the baby hits the age of two and a half years can make your life very easy and comfortable. Taking care of the baby on your own is very tedious job. She not only assists the mom with caring the baby, but she can also cook food for family or can take care of multiple chores while baby sleeps or take small naps in the afternoon hours. This way parents can spend all their evenings with their baby and it gives a privilege to new parents to have more bonding with their baby. Live-in Help is more beneficial for parents who have long work hours. The nanny gives one on one attention to the baby and is always available to help mom whenever needed in the house.

Benefits of Sending your baby to Daycare
Research shows that the best age to send your child for Day cares is two years and six months, there has been an increasing number of women who are working mothers now, thus most children attend a childcare facility regularly once they cross this age. It is very important for the child to start daycare now to add more learning skills in their personality, they learn to share things with other kids, eat by themselves, get potty trained soon as compared to other children who don’t start their daycare at early age. At this age, their mind is very active and tend to learn various things by observing their environment and imitating other children. Working moms can hire nanny for their child at least till they are ready to start day care on regular basis.